Month: June 2012

Rock Rings worn by Kristen Stewart


These are the ‘Rock’ rings Kristen Stewart is wearing in the previous post. ‘Rocks’ is a play on diamonds. They are hand carved then cast in 925 silver and come as a set of 4. Different sizes and variations are available. I first started making these back in 2009 and this year decided to design a range of work based on them.

Kristen Stewart wearing my rings

Today has been very exciting. I stumbled (stalked) across this photo on the Internet. Twilight star, Kristen Stewart is wearing my ‘rock’ rings.
I may be busy for the next few days trying to get the absolute most out of this rare opportunity.
Images of the actual ring to follow soon.

And so it begins

Welcome to Amy Robson Jewellery & Objects.

You can view my work, learn about my practice and keep an eye on what I’m up to. I’ll be using this blog to show you what goes on at my bench, what’s inspiring me, what I’m in to and all things contemporary design.