Month: July 2012

Rocks Collection goes on sale

Yay! The Rocks Collection is now available through Frosting Marketplace. They approached me recently to sell the full collection on their new site and I was absolutely over the moon (as you would be, Frosting is awesome!). So here it is! To visit the full site click here


Support Australian design, appreciate handmade and encourage creativity!!!!!!!!!

e! News and the case of this mysterious new ring…..ITS MINE!

Okay people. I need your help. My ring has popped up on e! News in the USA but so far they are calling it ‘the mysterious new ring’ because they don’t know who I am. My mission is to get them to know my name and say it on TV. So if anyone has even the slightest/smallest contact to anyone who could in anyway get my name to these people, I would be ever so grateful to be in touch with them to help e! News solve this mystery.

Check out the short clip here.

Frosting Marketplace will be selling my Rock Collection

Thanks to Kristen Stewart my Rock Collection has been picked up by Frosting Marketplace. Soon you will be able to buy my rings, studs and pendant on chain through their great new online shop. Check out the site Frosting is a fantastic jewellery magazine that is well worth a read. They cover all things jewellery, fashion and style.  Check out the little article they did on me. You can see the full article here. I’ll keep you posted when the range is available for sale through these guys.


JMGA Profile 2012

Today I found out my ‘Phone Home’ brooches have been selected to be a part of the JMGA Profile exhibition for 2012. This exhibition showcases JMGA members  by giving them an opportunity to display their current work. I am really excited to be selected.

The exhibition will be 1st November at Gaffa Gallery – 281 Clarence St, Sydney. For more information on JMGA, check out their website

Kristen Stewart rocks my rings at Comic Con

Turns out Kristen Stewart really likes my rock rings. She has been seen wearing them at the recent Comic Con in San Diego. Check out her nail bangle too, I think it’s pretty cool.

Thank you to for featuring the rings again on their fashion website. Very much appreciated.

My Jewels in Jewellery Magazine

Imagine my surprise when I get a phone call from the lovely Brendan at Jewellery Magazine to say he has heard about all this Kristen Stewart craziness and would like to interview me.

This is what happens when you talk to someone (me) who is way too excited. A big thanks to Brendan for making me sound like a professional.

You can read the full article here.

Featured in The Fashion Court

A big thank you to for featuring my ‘Rock Rings’ in a ‘how to get Kristen Stewart style’ article. The Fashion Court is a US website following the fashions of the famous. I feel very privileged to be recognised among the catwalk designers. For the full article click here