Month: August 2014


Finally! After many years of creating scribbles (and scribbling out scribbles), jotting down ideas, surveying my friends, and creating shapes in illustrator, I can finally say I have my first official hallmark. 

Amy Robson Hallmark

Some people see the foundation of the design instantly, but incase you are missing it, it is my name. A M Y. Look closely.

The kite/diamond shape is common in my work, particularly the last couple of years and my never-ending love of neat geometry had to be the strong design element.

Once I get this made into a nice little stamp, it will appear on all the jewellery I make and be recognisable as a handmade Amy Robson jewellery piece. Having a hallmark has always felt like a big deal to me, I wonder if all jewellers feel the same way? It becomes your signature in metal that stays with the piece as long as it exists. Much like your file strokes, or your solder joins or the final polish. 

I’m pretty pumped to start leaving my mark around the place.