Studio Melt, Newcastle

On this sun drenched Sunday I made a trip to Newcastle to meet one half of the team who started Studio Melt. Angela Hailey is also a jeweller, a very talented one, and has opened this great new space where you can buy handmade jewellery, home wares and fashion.


It’s a great space with huge potential and I am really happy to be selling my jewellery there. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should stop in for a look and then enjoy a coffee with lunch at one penny black a few doors down.

happy customers

When someone buys something you’ve made with your own hands it’s a pretty amazing feeling. Then when that person blogs about it to tell their network how much they love it, the warm fuzzies go through the roof. This is what one happy lady had to say and I am so thrilled I just had to share it. For the full site click here

Thanks Winter! People like you are the reason designers are able to make as a living. We really appreciate it.

Kristen Stewart rocks my rings at Comic Con

Turns out Kristen Stewart really likes my rock rings. She has been seen wearing them at the recent Comic Con in San Diego. Check out her nail bangle too, I think it’s pretty cool.

Thank you to for featuring the rings again on their fashion website. Very much appreciated.

Rock Rings worn by Kristen Stewart


These are the ‘Rock’ rings Kristen Stewart is wearing in the previous post. ‘Rocks’ is a play on diamonds. They are hand carved then cast in 925 silver and come as a set of 4. Different sizes and variations are available. I first started making these back in 2009 and this year decided to design a range of work based on them.